Racism Isn’t Dead

 I was waiting for the bus as I was on my way to work, just standing there thinking about different stuff, when something in my head told me to turn and look at the poll at the bus stop. There is was, the indication that racism was still alive and apparently well.A photo I took of it is below. With the election of Don Trump as the President, I knew that I would come across racist stuff in some way, but I figured that it would be more of the usual not so open stuff that one usually experiences. This came as a surprise.
 As much as Trump says that he is going to “Make America Great Again” (I never knew that it wasn’t,) by his actions he is making it clear that his goal is to “Make America White”.  If one looks at Adolph Hitler before WWII and compare it to Trump, one will realize that it is like he is the reincarnation of Hitler. OK, I accept the fact that if Trump were to read this, he will either try to either sue me or make it an Executive Order that nobody is permitted to talk bad about him, but it’s the truth.
 At my job I get to speak with people from all over the world, and when I mention Trump they all laugh and refer to him as a joke. One person said that building a wall with Mexico won’t solve terrorist problems nor stop people from crossing the border, as they will simply find other ways around. I have met people living here illegally and a huge majority of them didn’t come across the southern border, but from Europe and Asia. But let me get back to what I was originally was writing about.
 When President Obama came into office, people were saying how things were going to change when it came to racial issues. Oh, how I wish that had happened, but thanks to the Republicans in Congress, and Trump, they made sure that we continued with the racial divide that had been going on. Actually, they did their best to make sure that it was even worse.
 Racism in the USA could come to a major close with the help of Congress and Trump, but they are more worried about being bigoted against those of the Muslim religion than trying to bring unity to the USA. Trump keeps talking about “Making America Great Again,” but they are in the process of trying to make it the laughing stock of the world. If they were to truly put effort and time into putting an end to Racism in this country, not only will the USA remain a great and strong country, but that would grow by leaps and bounds causing other countries to look at themselves and do stuff that will make them to become a better and superior country.
 Until Congress and the President change, I expect that I will see racism grow at a huge level. Our weakness will is not in a military or economic ways, it is in the way that we treat each other based on race, religion, sex and other ways.
 I would love to know what you think in the comment section below.